Ageless and Age-Appropriate For the more Mature Ladies

No matter your age, dressing stylishly, elegantly and attractively is not only easy to accomplish but incredibly beneficial for boosting self-confidence and improving relationships and social life. fashion for over 50 doesn’t have to be boring and women’s clothing is an area that continues to develop and evolve, and now, in an era of much diversity and acceptance, fashion is really limitless and few can dictate its rules. The oft heard “but there are never any nice clothes for the older ladies!” is now dead and completely untrue.

Looks, outfits and personal styles can be played around with to suit certain circumstances. If you’re short on money, invest in items with the utmost versatility so over-wearing is not an issue. Important staple items include a white blouse, a jacket and black pants. Now, some handy tips on how to continue looking fabulous as you age:

colourful flower lace jacket


Michele Obama has shown us all that bold colours really differentiate one amongst the crows. It is not uncommon for the more mature lady to stick to black, but as trendy as it can be, it can also be draining. The suitable bright colours really add life, vitality and youth to the wearer, making one seem more energised and approachable than a dull black or grey may. When choosing a colour, select one that can complement your natural complexion to give off a ‘glowing-skin’ appearance. We found these beautiful chiffon jackets from Just4You to be the perfect splash of colour.

If you’re an all-black kinda gal, try changing things up a bit with neutral tones like ivory, sand and beige colours which go with practically everything. You can add colour through your makeup by donning a bright lippy, coral/scarlet/magenta or adding brightly coloured accessories. Go for colours you feel confident in.


flower pattern chiffon top

Items which reveal your neck and legs are great ways to add length and lean out your silhouette. We don’t mean deep-plunges, but rather, boat/v-necks tops or a few buttons undone from the top of your blouse. Such tops are well partnered with knee-length pencil skirts and nude heels that can blend in with your skin to give the appearance of added leg length. The illusion created by stretching the opposite ends of the body is one of lean length.


Layering clothing when done correctly can add a thought-out chicness to your outfit. Keep an eye on not getting too carried away and ending up looking sloppy instead. Balance out the fabric according to weight, length, colour and textures. For the upper half of your body, wear the the thinnest fabric which has the most length inside and get thicker as you move out. For example, a long tank top beneath a v-neck with a vest/cardi/jacket on the outside revealing the variations in length. This look is well balanced with a fitted bottom half, so try tight jeans or leggings.


Dresses are go-to outfits, there is no need to put items together or worry about separate pieces. Dresses can be easily played up or toned down to suit a particular situation with variation in shoes, accessories and/or had & makeup. Resurrect those dresses hidden within your wardrobe and get them taken in/out to really flatter your current figure.

monochrome mature lady fashion


Contrary to common believe, breaking the line of your body at either the hips or waist with contrasting colours (e.g. black/white) is not the best slimming option. Remaining within the same colour scheme actually creates a vertical line which is sleeker and more aesthetically appealing. Items do not necessarily have to be the exact shade to pull off this illusion, just within that group, e.g. dark and darks.


Belts add just the right amount of definition to enhance the bodies natural curves in the most appealing way. Skinner belts actually produce a better effect than their larger counterparts as the space between busts and hips is increased, maintaining the length of the torso and preventing it from looking squashed. Always make sure your belt is worn on the narrowest area of your waist for the best effect.