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The What, Who and How of Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion Treatment

What is Microdermabrasion?

It is a non-invasive treatment used to treat skin by removing the superficial layer of dead, dry, skin cells and exfoliating the skin. Most people have heard of it but don’t really understand what it is. While it is a cosmetic procedure it is best discussed with your dermatologist. Microdermabrasion uses small crystals or diamonds to polish your skin. It is typically used to treat acne scars, age spots, wrinkles, and fine lines. Essentially, it is removing the outermost layer of skin to reveal younger, healthier looking skin.

We spoke with Paulina from Paulina De Los Reyes Skin Care and Health Salon to find out more.

Who is a Good Candidate?

Healthy adults with minor skin conditions and realistic expectations of what a noninvasive procedure can do are good candidates. It is not recommended for people with “deep scars, active keloids, undiagnosed lesions, a recent herpes outbreak, warts on the face, active acne (stages 3 and 4), an autoimmune system disorder, or unstable diabetes” also pregnant women should not undergo microdermabrasion. If you’ve had recent treatments such as tanning, waxing, or collagen injections you should wait a few weeks before receiving microdermabrasion and other more intensive procedures should be considered if you have deep scars or moderate to severe skin defects.

Wrinkles and Fine Lines

What Are Its Benefits?

The benefits to microdermabrasion include that it is safe, noninvasive, nonsurgical, quick (less than 30 minutes), and painless! It reduces or eliminates fine lines, wrinkles, and signs of aging. It will improve acne scars and other light scarring and will give your skin a healthy looking glow making you feel and look younger and healthier. It stimulates collagen production and rejuvenation improving tone, texture, and color of treated areas. Since it utilizes non-allergenic crystals it has no known side effects and is a great option for people with sensitive skin to improve the pores. Additional benefits include improvements to oily or dull skin, enlarged pores, clogged pores, fine lines, mild acne scars, uneven pigmentation, poor skin texture, and enhanced circulation and lymph flow “promoting the internal health of the skin” ( Be sure to go to a certified skin care professional to have this procedure done to ensure minimal risks. Risks arise from “unsterile conditions and improper application of the procedure”. Improper application can led to pin-point bleeding which means the procedure was done too aggressively.

How Much Does it Cost?

Costs vary depending on the qualifications of your technician and the location whether it be a spa or clinic. On average, costs range from $75 to $200. These costs also vary depending on how much microdermabrasion procedure one needs, the number of treatments, your geographical location, and fees of the treating physician. It is less expensive than invasive procedures for example facial rejuvenation or surgical options such as face lifts.

Microdermabrasion Cost

The bottom line

Many people choose microdermabrasion over other chemical peels and laser treatments because it is safer and more cost effective. If this is something you’ve heard about or considered talk to your aesthetician or dermatologist today. Be sure to ask them about their training because results have been linked with the technicians expertise!

For more information on Microdermabrasion click here.

Keeping Your Skin Healthy In The Australian Summer

Face Exfoliation

There is no doubt that summer is the best time to be in Australia. But it’s also the time that you are likely to neglect your skin.  The fact that the skin does not dry or get itchy as it tends to be in the winter makes most people assume that everything is ok. If you are not careful, the direct sunlight will damage your skin slowly without you knowing. But how can you keep a healthy skin and still enjoy summer to the fullest? 

Summer Skin Care Tips

Here are some easy skin care tips to keep gorgeous, healthy skin during Australian summer from a respected skin clinic in Sydney:

Maintain the Skin Hydrates

Skin HydrationDehydration is the major skin problem in summer. Keeping the body hydrated is vital for healthy skin. Drink a lot of water throughout the day, particularly when you are outside in the sun. But this does not mean that you rely on plain water only. Eating fresh fruits with high water content such as the cucumbers, tomatoes, stone fruit and berries will be a great alternative.


This is a skin treatment technique that has been found work extremely well in maintaining healthy skin. Exfoliation is all about removing dead debris such as dead cells so as to improve hydration from toners and moisturisers. It also helps the skin to breathe properly. Doing it at least once in a week in the morning provides the best results.

Wear Safe, Non-toxic Sunscreens

Safe SunscreensBe very careful of sunburns especially if you’re spending most of your day outside or swimming. Just because it’s overcast doesn’t mean that you’ll be safe from the sunburns. In fact, you might suffer from the worst sunburn you’ve ever experienced before. That’s why it’s important to always wear safe, non-toxic sunscreen every day during the entire summer season. Make sure that the product has the right SPF for better results.


When it comes to antioxidants, you need to for the products that will protect you against or reverse sun damage. What you need is Vitamins C and E. Most of fresh vegetables and fruits have plenty of Vitamin C while nuts, leafy green vegetables and seeds contain plenty of vitamins E. Green tea and berries are also great antioxidants and should feature on your diet list. It does not have to be the commercial supplements, but you get them from the diet.


Other tips that can help you keep a healthy skin throughout summer include natural self-tanning, avoid tanning beds, moisturising and making friends with water. With these tips, you can rest assured that your skin will remain healthy the entire summer.


How to Choose Women’s Coats for the Coming Autumn

When summer ends and autumn season starts, women search for various outerwear options to help keep them warm. If you need a perfect autumn season coat, which will be helpful in beating the cold without sacrificing style, then you do not need to worry we’ve created this handy post to help you choose!

As there are a large number of different women coats available in the market for the coming autumn season. There are a few strategies available which will really help you to select a coat that will give you more for your money and which will look good on you. There are many different types of coats available such as the trench coat, windbreaker, Woolen coats, parka coats, classic outer coats and many more!

Women usually prefer wearing coats in autumn and winter seasons. Before purchasing a coat, it is important to search available options and then decide which one is perfect for purchasing. For selecting a perfect coat according to your style, you need to be clear about the shape, colour, length and other details, which will compliment your body figure.

houglass body shapeBefore you select a coat, you need to look at your body scale as well as shape. Different body shapes are listed below which will surely help you select a coat which will suit your body.


If you have an hourglass body shape then you will have to select a coat, which will help you to show-off your perfect waist. You can go for a belted coat, wrap coat and any number of shawl coats and jackets, which are available with nipped waist. You should avoid straight-line coats, which will make you look boxy. You must look for a drapey fabric.

pear shape coat inspirationPear

For the pear body shape, rounded collar coats with a cut is perfect as it will clearly define your waist. Pear body shaped women need to draw the attention of viewer away from wide hips by forming curves on top. You can also go for coats that feature breast pockets and puffed shoulders.

inverted-triangle-shapeInverted Triangle

women with an inverted triangle body shape need to make their shoulders appear wider while making their hips look narrower. You need a coat which will have more volume at the hem and minimal details on top, which is helpful in filling out narrowest parts of the body.



Apple body shaped women need to hide their tummy by selecting a coat which is helpful in drawing attention of the viewer onto chest and shoulder area. Apple shaped women should wear coats that are nipped, below bust area, which is helpful in concealing your middle area.

So did you figure out which body shape you are and which coat is right for you? Maybe you’ve got a shape we didn’t mention! Leave us a comment and let us know any tips or secrets you use to help choose the right coat! Need more help filling out your wardrobe? Check out our guide to building a stylish wardrobe!

Hair Straightening Brush Review

Taylor Swift Hair straightener brushSo unless you’ve got dead straight hair 24/7, you have probably taken notice of these seemingly magical brushes that straighten your hair when they’ve popped up in your social news feed. If not, believe me; I’m not making this up, these brushes exist! They have a built in ceramic heating element the same as your old school hair straightener, combined with heat proof nylon bristles to form the brush head, so you can simply brush your hair and the hair comes in contact with the heating element straightening as you go.

Now I’m an every day curly fuzz bucket as many of you may already know, and I’m also a bit lazy when it comes to styling my hair because of the time it takes for me to do anything with it. So when I saw this brush that straightens hair I was totally stoked – no need to separate my hair into sections, just wake up, roll out of bed, turn on brush, and brush hair straight!

I found a few hair straightener brush reviews online and decided to go with the Swift Hair straightener brush. It has a different design to the other straightener brushes out there like the Dafni and the Apalus. I also don’t think $300AUD is a reasonable price to pay for something that might not work that well, especially when i can get a classic ghd straightener (which I know works) for less! The Swift Hair straightener brush was still at the higher end of the models on offer ($149.95AUD) but it looked like it was better quality than the ones flooding eBay, plus I’ve got a soft spot for Taylor Swift (not sure if it’s affiliated). I’ll post my own video soon, (still editing) but in the meantime, here is a video review of one of the cheaper models. (TLDR – it doesn’t really work for her)

Hair Straightening Brush Test


I put in my order and had my new magic hair straightening brush in three days. I felt like Hermione, pulling out my new magic wand. First impressions were good, Nice box with detailed instructions and features. I particularly liked that the brush had a super long swivel cord and one button on the handle which controls the five heat settings (120° -200° Celsius). I got the red and black model, but they also have a pink one.

straightener hair brush up close

Power Up

The Swift Hair website gives a guide on what temperature to use for what hair type so I decided to start on 180° recommended for coarse, wavy hair. So I plugged it in and waited 1 minute and 10 seconds for it to reach the selected temperature (yes I timed it!) You can tell it has reached your temperature as the light on the handle stops flashing. Ok, so start up time is a tick in the column of the hair straightener brush – quicker than my other hair iron.

Straightening My Hair

All right, so the moment of truth…Did the straightening brush work? I started brushing my hair at about the same pace as I would use my hair iron. I found it easier to hold the section of my hair I was brushing at the tips so the hair would penetrate the brush head as deeply as possible. After just a couple of strokes, my hair was already straightening out, I flipped the brush around and repeated the straightening process on the underside of the same area.

I stared into the mirror to admire my handy work and I have to say I was impressed. It was easy to get the brush through my hair without it tangling, and you can manoeuvre the brush around your ears and scalp and neck with little worry of burning yourself as the heating element is protected by the brush bristles. Of course if you go poking your fingers in there you’ll burn them but if your using it as instructed, it’s pretty much impossible to burn yourself. This got me thinking that this would be a great product for my little sister! No need to worry about her burning herself and it even turns off automatically if she leaves it on (you know what kids are like).

straightening brush results

The Verdict

In total, to straighten my whole head of wavy curls took about 5 minutes. This is a massive time saver when compared with my flat iron hair straightening routine, which would be up around 40 minutes from start to finish. The Swift Hair straightening brush has given me back 30 minutes of extra sleep every morning, eliminating my frizz and straightening my hair in next to no time! Because of this, I’m going to award the Swift Brush the prestigious Ella Mobbs Style Award!

hair straightening brush review

Loud Print T-Shirt Designs Are Back This Festival Season

loud print lotus singletThe loud, boisterous print t-shirts are back this New Year with an even bigger bang! Unlike previous holidays where they were being sold seemingly exclusively to middle-aged men (particularly the stereo crowd), now all genders, age groups, and social classes adore, wear, and want to show them off at popular music festivals across the nation.

Several months ago I used to see people wearing dull and boring tees and single coloured polo knit shirts, however, from late November, all of a sudden, people begun wearing loud print T-shirts and designer singlets – Bring on summer! Below are some of the spotted one-of-a-kind printed tee designs we’re seeing at music festivals and in town.

The spectacular bright and bold collections unite festival goers and shout the theme of a music festival in chorus as revellers dance to the one beat in a technicolour show of free spirits and togetherness.

jellyfish festival singlet

Loud Print Singlets

This summer holiday one designer that people are loving is Fly Peacock. People are loving their super fresh summer line featuring unique natural flora and fauna settings in full colour such as lotus ponds, desert badlands and electric jellyfish, available as t-shirts and singlets.

To accompany the confidence with a musical festival theme, revellers are wearing the lotus that comes tinted with concentrated pink flower petals and is shaded in a vivacious green. From afar, the Plantoon print singlet stands out like crazy as the picture of emerging dark green reeds from a river on the front of the singlet are unmistakable. The jellyfish print singlet is a favourite among beach festival-goers as it ties in nicely with the beach theme.

Ravers are choosing to wear designs with a bright and light colours as they’re generally cooler than darker shades. This is important as we all know Australia pumps out some sweltering temperatures, and many festivals have limited shade. Light materials go hand in hand with light colours, and quick dry materials rather than traditional cotton based t-shirts are very popular.

parrot tails amnesia clothingShort Sleeve Tees

Not everybody loves singlets since exposing your whole arms to the sun all day is a risky move. With full understanding and appreciation of those of us who are solar challenged, designers have developed a range of short sleeve loud print t-shirts just for you. One scorching hot designer brand that is getting a lot of love on the socials at the moment is Amnesia Clothing. Their symmetrical designs inspired by nature use a combination of colours and patterns to great effect. We chucked a few of their shirts on as we walked around and interviewed people and found many people would get lost in a daydream when staring at the designs – very cool!


mexican inspired design amnesia clothing

At beach music festivals, revellers and ravers choose t-shirts with wild waves, jellyfish and surfers, enjoying the ride and equally matching them to the groove of the summer beat. Just like a surfer grabs the board and decides to hit a barrel, festival-goers grab the beat and dance like their life depended on it. An overpowering and joyful experience surrounded by a sea of people swerving, swinging, and dancing collectively as pyrotechnics, laser lights, and confetti flash to the music. It’s important for these hardcore dancers to look the part. So next time you head to a music festival, add to the rainbow of colours and rave in style with some of the brighter summer clothing lines now on offer.

Top 10 Stylish Ski Jackets for 2015

Most people would probably think that style plays no role in ski jackets. Well, you’d be surprised at how much thought is put in to making these skiing essentials both functional AND stylish. For the year 2015, there are several types of ski jackets which are all the rage. We’ve done our best to cover the latest styles of snow jackets on the market and provide a quick insight into what makes each snow jacket special. For more technical info on each jacket follow the included links, our judgements have tried to include both fashion and function.

3CS ski jacket maroon with chekered inside

3CS ski jacket

In number one we have the 3CS Brunswick Snow Jacket. Now this jacket is spot on when it comes to functionality. The conveniently placed pockets and sleeves make it different from your typical snow jacket. The designer scores points for the checkered print lining. Who else can say that they own such a wickedly themed ski jacket?

Tiffany coloured Snow Jacket

Scott Quorra Snow Jacket

Second place goes to the Scott Quorra Jacket style. Now this jacket is your classic, simple but sturdy snow jacket. These kinds of jackets can get you through whatever weather comes your way. it features GORE-TEX fabric and Thinsulate insulation, making it perfect for the Australian ski season as its really thin but super warm. Comes in a beautiful Tiffany blue colour too ladies!

Helly Hansen Loke Jacket is our third choice. Who can resist adding this jacket to the list with that colourful design? It boasts a Promaloft Silver insulation and H2flow temperature airflow regulator. It was also designed to be waterproof, wind-proof, and water-resistant.

Fourth place goes to the Patagonia Super Cell jacket. This simple but sturdy jacket boasts all the features of a Patagonia jacket minus the hole-in-your-wallet price tag. Comes in 4 base colours including blue, black green and a very fashionable orange. Made with GORE-TEX this bad boy will keep you warm and dry all day long.

bright pink ski jacket

Pure Snow Chamonix jacket

Halfway through the list comes the Pure Snow Chamonix jacket. This jacket has a soft feeling fabric which provides comfort as well as protection. It’s available in pink and purple so if you want to stand out and stay warm, this is the snow jacket for you!

Number six is awarded to the Olympic halfpipe silver medalist jacket. Torrah Bright loves rocking the Roxy Quinn Jacket. It is highly rated for waterproof protection and looks fancy as hell to boot. Featuring some nice faux fur around the collar, this stylish number will have you looking the part as you come down the pipe!

Seventh place goes to the Helly Hansen Squamish CIS jacket. It is made of a two-way stretch fabric which enables it to move freely to the shape and contour of your body.

Second to the last is the Marmot Zermatt Jacket. The color scheme and design is very simple yet the appeal is there. It’s very cool and light to the eyes. It also provides the basic protection that all ski jackets provide with its waterproof MemBrain fabric as its most notable feature.

And finally, we have the Spyder Gem Jacket. The Spyder Gem Jacket is a new addition to the Chris Davenport’s White Spyder collection. Its notable features are it’s shoulder reinforcement, reflector, and 360 degree stretch fabric. But because of the price of this jacket, we had to put it last (nearly $400 more than the #1 pick!)

Aside from these top ten, there are numerous other jackets that any skier can choose from. The fun is in picking which one feels and looks right for you! If you need advice, there is a pretty active community on Google+ that are always happy to help, you can access it here:

What’s Trendy in Bags this Season

An outfit isn’t complete without a handbag or clutch to go with it. Bags can be used to accentuate aspects of your shoes or belt, or level out some of the tones in your dress. They can be slung around your shoulder or casually primed in front of your waist, showing off your pristinely polished nails.

Handbags have, and always will be, an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe. They are one of those items that serve both an aesthetic and practical use. Can you imagine carrying your wallet, mobile phone, lipstick, comb, car keys, face powder, perfume, and other toiletries in your pockets? Definitely not. Bulky pockets are a major fashion faux par.

For the year twenty fifteen, some noticeable trends in designer handbags have already become apparent. We have bucket bags and flower designs making their way back in vogue. However, some handhelds have also been popular, elbowing their way back into the limelight. Sling and saddlebags are also joining the race towards the most popular styles in ladies handbags this season.

a collection of bucket bagsBucket Bags

You can go to any fashion shop and you’ll see their display cases lined with bucket bags of different colors and designs. During the earlier part of the year, big bulky bucket bags were all the rage. The appeal comes from the ease of which they can carry numerous items as well as their light design. This design is perfect for moms, teachers, days at the beach and depending on the design, even for business women.

More recently, smaller bucket bags have been stealing the show. These offer the same style and almost as much as carry space as their larger sibling, but in a much more practical and versatile size.

Floral designs

Perky designs and vibrant colors define one of the dominant trends in bags this year. Flowers have always been used to symbolise women, virility and femininity, so it comes as no surprise why there is such a buzz for bags that come with flower designs this year.

Another pull factor of flower designs comes from the fact that they can easily be paired with almost anything. They can be used with casual wear and outings. They can also be used to add a little fun to a professional look. Remember, downplaying is always okay if you are doing it the right way.

a bright leather boho sling bag

A sling bag from Lokoa


Ah, the classic. A symbol of style and sophistication. Handhelds are usually associated with formal events, but there is a growing market that seeks perky and colorful handhelds. We like the selection of leather clutches and wallets at The Freedom State, but you can also find a wide variety of different styles and designs at many other online designer fashion stores.

Sling and Saddlebags

If you are looking for a more casual look, then sling or saddlebags are the way to go. Simply grab ‘em, sling ‘em and go! Leather bags with donning vibrant colours seem to be all the rage this season, take a look at the wonderful collection of boho bags at Lokoa, which we all adore! These bright bags can be used for both casual wear as well as semi-formal to formal events, either way you can be sure they’ll be a taking point.

If you’re looking for something a little less bohemian and wild, take a look at the latest releases from your favourite handbag and accessories stores for some 2015 fashion inspiration. Whatever your style might be, there’s a bag out there that is perfect for you, find the right style, mix it with the right outfit and make this your year to shine!

Tips For Keeping Hair Shiny The Natural Way

When it comes to tips for keeping hair shiny, the first instinct is to rush over to the nearest hairstylist and ask for recommendations. This is actually understandable and even acceptable at times especially in cases where prominent hair experts are involved.

shiny hair naturallyStill, the tips for keeping hair shiny as offered by the typical hairstylist, can be quite expensive. Apart from the expected service or professional fees, a few other products may need to be purchased eventually if only to maintain that distinctive hair shine. Although they will usually offer you a salon treatment if it’s available, many hairdressers have a few secrets up their sleeve for when professional hair treatment is not an option. Here are some ways to keep the shine all natural!

A less costly alternative is the do-it-yourself or DIY way. These are not new and untested techniques but have been used by people even before commercial hair beauty products were formulated.

A classic example of this is coconut oil which just needs to be massaged all across the scalp prior to bathing. Coconut oil is hardly expensive, although care should be taken when purchasing coconut oil for hair use. The ideal coconut oil to use is the unrefined type as this will easily soak into the hair strands. When applying this onto the hair, it is best to start at the end point since this is the area that is in need of extra conditioning. The scalp usually produces natural oil so this will not really require assistance in the conditioning aspect. The exact oil amount is an issue that will depend greatly on hair texture and thickness. For generally dry hair, more coconut oil is recommended. Oily hair, on the other hand, will require significantly lesser amount.

After the scalp massage, use warm water to wash the hair and wrap this tight with a clean towel. The goal at this stage is to contain the moisture both from the water and the coconut oil. This should be maintained for approximately half an hour.

Upon rinsing, make use of the normal shampoo and conditioner. Wash this off with cold and clean water and allow this to dry the natural way. Rubbing the hair dry with a bath towel should not be considered as this could remove the necessary nutrients and can jeopardize all efforts at creating beautiful and shiny hair.

egg is good for your hairA few other tips for keeping hair shiny can be a bit messy to some people but can be quite effective. The use of eggs, for instance, as a massaging material may not sit well with a number of women. Nevertheless, the consequent results should be worth all the hard and messy work initially put in.

For tips for keeping hair shiny via the egg treatment process, the first step will involve cracking at least two pieces of raw eggs. A few more eggs may have to be considered in the case of generally long hair. Upon cracking the eggs, collect all the yolk or the yellow portion into a bowl and mix this with olive oil. The solution should be prepared in such a way that the yolk gets effectively covered. The white part of the egg, meanwhile, can be set aside for other use. Shampoo the hair the normal way and rinse this using lukewarm water. Massage the hair with the prepared solution afterwards and keep it on for about five minutes.

Rinse the hair a second time using lukewarm water and finish this off with a third rinse but this time, using cold water. Of the many tips for keeping hair shiny, this can take some time but should be given serious consideration as it has been proven to be quite effective. If this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, give the girls at Jagged Hair and Beauty a call on +61 7 3252 5032 to book in for a professional salon shine treatment – no egg!

The Main Trends So Far in 2015

The emerging trends in women’s clothing styles each season is something that fashion-conscious females are always looking forward to. Given this, it is not uncommon to find that many fashion designers have prepared their creations much in advance. Obviously, this is to provide the fashionista population a glimpse of what the fashion world has in store for them as the year progresses.

At this early stage, the trend in women dresses for 2015 is almost complete with the unveiling of the Fall-Winter collection last February at the New York Fashion Week. Briefly, it would appear that nostalgia is the overwhelming theme of the collection with many of the women dresses showcasing designs that were popular during the ’70s.

fallwinter2015A similar theme was emphasized during the Spring fashion show, and a number of experts in the scene agree that this has lingered on. This was quite obvious in the recently-held Autumn-Winter catwalk shows and clothing line launches.

In line with the ’70s look, the layers for the dresses this season are a bit longer than usual with the waists set a little higher at the same time. Pants for women on the other hand tend to be more fluid and likely carrying flared designs.

Emphasis has been given to the waist area especially as the more relaxed pants variety begins to become more visible. This will be underscored further when the lower pockets are designed with eye-catching flaps and complemented with patent belts. The use of bespoke jackets is also seen as another means of giving emphasis to the waist area.

Even though many of the waists on catwalks this year are adorned with such attractions as patent belts, a popular trend in women dresses is also to carry a militarized approach by underscoring the utility concept. As such, the color combination for many women pants will veer towards navy, olive, and forest green hues.

Fashion ideas from the 1970sIf the highly-stylish woman finds these colors a bit limited, she can look forward to a more extensive listing in the coming months. Presently, designers are considering the use of more neutral tones for the pants that includes chalky white. These colours contrast to the long skirts that can be seen in generally richer colors like blood orange, saffron, and cognac.

Interestingly, the trend in women dresses for 2015 is hardly restricted for female adornment only. Many of the colors are found to be somewhat androgynous so it should not come as a surprise if the fashion-conscious males find the emerging designs for females suitable for their attire as well. As Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman of the Pantene Colour Institute noted, the palette use in the Fall Collection is multifaceted that the accompanying sophistication should work well for both men and women.

Indeed, that ’70s feeling is alive and well and should be the main trend in women dresses for 2015 at least until the Autumn season. Nevertheless, even with conservatism in the atmosphere, many designers who attended the fashion show observed that many of the women dresses also carried a slightly liberal touch. In other words, sleek and sophistication has effectively matched up with old-style fashion.

The basics of building a stylish wardrobe

We can all get confused by the myriad of clothing options available to us. Do you want to be trendy or stick to the basic conservative style? It’s all too easy to be attracted to the decadence of designer items or the thrill of thrift shopping. You might be an amazing bargain hunter, always happy to check from shop to shop or be addicted to the click of online shopping.

Most people; especially women, with all these shopping options; find themselves with a huge wardrobe of clothes and sadly absolutely nothing to wear. Here are a few tips to guide you on building a stylish wardrobe that you will love and want to wear.

highwaistDress for your body type

We are all built differently and ensuring you are dressed for your body type regardless of the trends will keep you on the well dressed list. They are plenty of magazines and online resources that can guide you and keep you stylish. Simply learning whether you are an apple, pear, hourglass or tube will allow you to zero in on what you should stock for your wardrobe. Try out the helpful shape calculator below.

Flaunt your best feature

We all have something we love about ourselves and this makes us feel confident and happy. Flaunt this feature without feeling guilty, as our clothing is an extension of ourselves and by showing our best features we present the best of ourselves to the world. This in turns makes us confident and elevates what we are wearing.

Fit! Fit! Fit!

These three letters can make even the drabbest outfit very forgiving. Regardless of your size, well fitted clothes give an elegance and confidence to the wearer that can be spotted and appreciated.

Dress for the body you have and not the body you want

While a New Year’s resolution to get slimmer is commendable, it is highly advised to dress stylishly for the body you have now. This will in-fact get you to your goal much happier and build your self-esteem which can be crushed by trying to squeeze into tiny clothes.

alernative modern outfitEmbrace the trends that work for you

Not every highly coveted and praised trend will work for you especially keeping in mind our different body types. If you still love a trend, an easy solution would be to wear accessories showcasing that trend and be able to stick to what works especially as trends are ever-changing.

Constantly de-clutter your wardrobe

While we are working on building your wardrobe, we know all too well that we end up with far too many clothes. This is natural as your style evolves, a trend eventually passes or we over indulge in our purchases. Make it a rule to always remove unused clothes after 3 months, to keep your wardrobe fresh and updated. In turn these clothes can be given away as gifts or sold to help you buy a much more valued item.

Style is meant to build your confidence, empower you and bring out your amazing unique personality. It takes time to build a stylish wardrobe, so have fun with it and feel free to make a few mistakes while embracing you true authentic self.