How to Choose Women’s Coats for the Coming Autumn

When summer ends and autumn season starts, women search for various outerwear options to help keep them warm. If you need a perfect autumn season coat, which will be helpful in beating the cold without sacrificing style, then you do not need to worry we’ve created this handy post to help you choose!

As there are a large number of different women coats available in the market for the coming autumn season. There are a few strategies available which will really help you to select a coat that will give you more for your money and which will look good on you. There are many different types of coats available such as the trench coat, windbreaker, Woolen coats, parka coats, classic outer coats and many more!

Women usually prefer wearing coats in autumn and winter seasons. Before purchasing a coat, it is important to search available options and then decide which one is perfect for purchasing. For selecting a perfect coat according to your style, you need to be clear about the shape, colour, length and other details, which will compliment your body figure.

houglass body shapeBefore you select a coat, you need to look at your body scale as well as shape. Different body shapes are listed below which will surely help you select a coat which will suit your body.


If you have an hourglass body shape then you will have to select a coat, which will help you to show-off your perfect waist. You can go for a belted coat, wrap coat and any number of shawl coats and jackets, which are available with nipped waist. You should avoid straight-line coats, which will make you look boxy. You must look for a drapey fabric.

pear shape coat inspirationPear

For the pear body shape, rounded collar coats with a cut is perfect as it will clearly define your waist. Pear body shaped women need to draw the attention of viewer away from wide hips by forming curves on top. You can also go for coats that feature breast pockets and puffed shoulders.

inverted-triangle-shapeInverted Triangle

women with an inverted triangle body shape need to make their shoulders appear wider while making their hips look narrower. You need a coat which will have more volume at the hem and minimal details on top, which is helpful in filling out narrowest parts of the body.



Apple body shaped women need to hide their tummy by selecting a coat which is helpful in drawing attention of the viewer onto chest and shoulder area. Apple shaped women should wear coats that are nipped, below bust area, which is helpful in concealing your middle area.

So did you figure out which body shape you are and which coat is right for you? Maybe you’ve got a shape we didn’t mention! Leave us a comment and let us know any tips or secrets you use to help choose the right coat! Need more help filling out your wardrobe? Check out our guide to building a stylish wardrobe!