Loud Print T-Shirt Designs Are Back This Festival Season

loud print lotus singletThe loud, boisterous print t-shirts are back this New Year with an even bigger bang! Unlike previous holidays where they were being sold seemingly exclusively to middle-aged men (particularly the stereo crowd), now all genders, age groups, and social classes adore, wear, and want to show them off at popular music festivals across the nation.

Several months ago I used to see people wearing dull and boring tees and single coloured polo knit shirts, however, from late November, all of a sudden, people begun wearing loud print T-shirts and designer singlets – Bring on summer! Below are some of the spotted one-of-a-kind printed tee designs we’re seeing at music festivals and in town.

The spectacular bright and bold collections unite festival goers and shout the theme of a music festival in chorus as revellers dance to the one beat in a technicolour show of free spirits and togetherness.

jellyfish festival singlet

Loud Print Singlets

This summer holiday one designer that people are loving is Fly Peacock. People are loving their super fresh summer line featuring unique natural flora and fauna settings in full colour such as lotus ponds, desert badlands and electric jellyfish, available as t-shirts and singlets.

To accompany the confidence with a musical festival theme, revellers are wearing the lotus that comes tinted with concentrated pink flower petals and is shaded in a vivacious green. From afar, the Plantoon print singlet stands out like crazy as the picture of emerging dark green reeds from a river on the front of the singlet are unmistakable. The jellyfish print singlet is a favourite among beach festival-goers as it ties in nicely with the beach theme.

Ravers are choosing to wear designs with a bright and light colours as they’re generally cooler than darker shades. This is important as we all know Australia pumps out some sweltering temperatures, and many festivals have limited shade. Light materials go hand in hand with light colours, and quick dry materials rather than traditional cotton based t-shirts are very popular.

parrot tails amnesia clothingShort Sleeve Tees

Not everybody loves singlets since exposing your whole arms to the sun all day is a risky move. With full understanding and appreciation of those of us who are solar challenged, designers have developed a range of short sleeve loud print t-shirts just for you. One scorching hot designer brand that is getting a lot of love on the socials at the moment is Amnesia Clothing. Their symmetrical designs inspired by nature use a combination of colours and patterns to great effect. We chucked a few of their shirts on as we walked around and interviewed people and found many people would get lost in a daydream when staring at the designs – very cool!


mexican inspired design amnesia clothing

At beach music festivals, revellers and ravers choose t-shirts with wild waves, jellyfish and surfers, enjoying the ride and equally matching them to the groove of the summer beat. Just like a surfer grabs the board and decides to hit a barrel, festival-goers grab the beat and dance like their life depended on it. An overpowering and joyful experience surrounded by a sea of people swerving, swinging, and dancing collectively as pyrotechnics, laser lights, and confetti flash to the music. It’s important for these hardcore dancers to look the part. So next time you head to a music festival, add to the rainbow of colours and rave in style with some of the brighter summer clothing lines now on offer.