Snow Beauty

Forget dry, flaky skin and blotchy red patches… Forget about staticky frizzy hair and untameable manes… This snow season, we have you covered with these amazingly handy tips to really become that snow beauty!

Hairlooking good at the snow

Cold, dry winter conditions do wonders for your hair. (Note sarcasm..)  Limp, lifeless, frizzy hair caused by static… Forget about summer humidity, winter is coming.. Luckily, we know how to handle you mane this snow season!

Use a moisturising shampoo followed by a rich conditioner and aim to use a hair mask once a week. Kukui/macadamia/argan oils are great for smoothing out your hair and giving it that silky touch.

If you suffer from limp hair, you/re probably looking at overactive oil glands, which draw your hair down from the roots. Usually, people with this issue experience an all-year-round nuisance, however, it is particularly noticeable during the winter conditions where humid air is unavailable to add volume to your mane. To avoid this, apply conditioner starting at your ears to your tips… Do not massage it into your scalp .. adding oil to oil is not the best option… Dry shampoo is going to be your best friend. Adding layers to your hair style can also help prevent that limp mop of a head.

Static be gone! If you aren’t prone to static then.. You probably haven’t got hair? To avoid this fuzz monster, try using a silk pillowcase and a natural bristle brush (hint: adding a little hair spray to your natural bristle hair brush can help flatten the fuzz).

Hold the hat…. At least until your hair is cool. Putting a hat on straight after blowdrying will cause your hair to take its form! A looser hat is always better as the shape is more fluid; again, something silk-lined is the way to go.


fresh lips snowWhen it’s cold, our showers get hotter, our skin gets drier and our complexions begin to adopt a blotchy uneven tone… For that perfect complexion we all want it is vital that you cater to the needs of your current climate. Deeper moisturises, gentler washes etc… For foundation, for skin that NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser is an awesome combo of skincare, sunscreen, and colour in one. If you suffer from uneven texture or oiliness, the Sheer Matte Foundation with medium coverage is great for those who seek extra more coverage and prefer typical liquid make-ups. As it has build-able coverage it is perfectly suited for winter month for immaculate and flawless kin. But don’t forget to set with a loose powder. Priming beforehand is another important element…. helping to refine the skin’s surface for more even application and absorption of the makeup. Deep, dark cherry lips, raisin and plum tones,  or any other bold lips compliment the chilly weather beautifully. Winged, cat-eye looks or smudged smokey eyes are amazing with the aforementioned lip tones.

For pale complexions, a little pink/red tones go along way. Cream blushes which melt into the skin are perfect snow buddies. G-Spot or Malibu Mulitples are awesome three-in-one cream products that can be used on eyes, lips, and cheeks. With a translucent coverage, it looks super natural and realistic. Apply just below cheekbone point and blend slightly downwards near the jaw and outwards to the ear. Keep in mind where the natural flush of your skin occurs after a brisk walk or jog in cooler climates.

….Don’t forget the nails!
Choose a nail polish the same way you would any other accessory – go with what you’re drawn to and what makes you feel confidant! Bold lip and bold contrasting nails are wonderful statement accessories.