The basics of building a stylish wardrobe

We can all get confused by the myriad of clothing options available to us. Do you want to be trendy or stick to the basic conservative style? It’s all too easy to be attracted to the decadence of designer items or the thrill of thrift shopping. You might be an amazing bargain hunter, always happy to check from shop to shop or be addicted to the click of online shopping.

Most people; especially women, with all these shopping options; find themselves with a huge wardrobe of clothes and sadly absolutely nothing to wear. Here are a few tips to guide you on building a stylish wardrobe that you will love and want to wear.

highwaistDress for your body type

We are all built differently and ensuring you are dressed for your body type regardless of the trends will keep you on the well dressed list. They are plenty of magazines and online resources that can guide you and keep you stylish. Simply learning whether you are an apple, pear, hourglass or tube will allow you to zero in on what you should stock for your wardrobe. Try out the helpful shape calculator below.

Flaunt your best feature

We all have something we love about ourselves and this makes us feel confident and happy. Flaunt this feature without feeling guilty, as our clothing is an extension of ourselves and by showing our best features we present the best of ourselves to the world. This in turns makes us confident and elevates what we are wearing.

Fit! Fit! Fit!

These three letters can make even the drabbest outfit very forgiving. Regardless of your size, well fitted clothes give an elegance and confidence to the wearer that can be spotted and appreciated.

Dress for the body you have and not the body you want

While a New Year’s resolution to get slimmer is commendable, it is highly advised to dress stylishly for the body you have now. This will in-fact get you to your goal much happier and build your self-esteem which can be crushed by trying to squeeze into tiny clothes.

alernative modern outfitEmbrace the trends that work for you

Not every highly coveted and praised trend will work for you especially keeping in mind our different body types. If you still love a trend, an easy solution would be to wear accessories showcasing that trend and be able to stick to what works especially as trends are ever-changing.

Constantly de-clutter your wardrobe

While we are working on building your wardrobe, we know all too well that we end up with far too many clothes. This is natural as your style evolves, a trend eventually passes or we over indulge in our purchases. Make it a rule to always remove unused clothes after 3 months, to keep your wardrobe fresh and updated. In turn these clothes can be given away as gifts or sold to help you buy a much more valued item.

Style is meant to build your confidence, empower you and bring out your amazing unique personality. It takes time to build a stylish wardrobe, so have fun with it and feel free to make a few mistakes while embracing you true authentic self.