The Main Trends So Far in 2015

The emerging trends in women’s clothing styles each season is something that fashion-conscious females are always looking forward to. Given this, it is not uncommon to find that many fashion designers have prepared their creations much in advance. Obviously, this is to provide the fashionista population a glimpse of what the fashion world has in store for them as the year progresses.

At this early stage, the trend in women dresses for 2015 is almost complete with the unveiling of the Fall-Winter collection last February at the New York Fashion Week. Briefly, it would appear that nostalgia is the overwhelming theme of the collection with many of the women dresses showcasing designs that were popular during the ’70s.

fallwinter2015A similar theme was emphasized during the Spring fashion show, and a number of experts in the scene agree that this has lingered on. This was quite obvious in the recently-held Autumn-Winter catwalk shows and clothing line launches.

In line with the ’70s look, the layers for the dresses this season are a bit longer than usual with the waists set a little higher at the same time. Pants for women on the other hand tend to be more fluid and likely carrying flared designs.

Emphasis has been given to the waist area especially as the more relaxed pants variety begins to become more visible. This will be underscored further when the lower pockets are designed with eye-catching flaps and complemented with patent belts. The use of bespoke jackets is also seen as another means of giving emphasis to the waist area.

Even though many of the waists on catwalks this year are adorned with such attractions as patent belts, a popular trend in women dresses is also to carry a militarized approach by underscoring the utility concept. As such, the color combination for many women pants will veer towards navy, olive, and forest green hues.

Fashion ideas from the 1970sIf the highly-stylish woman finds these colors a bit limited, she can look forward to a more extensive listing in the coming months. Presently, designers are considering the use of more neutral tones for the pants that includes chalky white. These colours contrast to the long skirts that can be seen in generally richer colors like blood orange, saffron, and cognac.

Interestingly, the trend in women dresses for 2015 is hardly restricted for female adornment only. Many of the colors are found to be somewhat androgynous so it should not come as a surprise if the fashion-conscious males find the emerging designs for females suitable for their attire as well. As Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman of the Pantene Colour Institute noted, the palette use in the Fall Collection is multifaceted that the accompanying sophistication should work well for both men and women.

Indeed, that ’70s feeling is alive and well and should be the main trend in women dresses for 2015 at least until the Autumn season. Nevertheless, even with conservatism in the atmosphere, many designers who attended the fashion show observed that many of the women dresses also carried a slightly liberal touch. In other words, sleek and sophistication has effectively matched up with old-style fashion.