Tips For Keeping Hair Shiny The Natural Way

When it comes to tips for keeping hair shiny, the first instinct is to rush over to the nearest hairstylist and ask for recommendations. This is actually understandable and even acceptable at times especially in cases where prominent hair experts are involved.

shiny hair naturallyStill, the tips for keeping hair shiny as offered by the typical hairstylist, can be quite expensive. Apart from the expected service or professional fees, a few other products may need to be purchased eventually if only to maintain that distinctive hair shine. Although they will usually offer you a salon treatment if it’s available, many hairdressers have a few secrets up their sleeve for when professional hair treatment is not an option. Here are some ways to keep the shine all natural!

A less costly alternative is the do-it-yourself or DIY way. These are not new and untested techniques but have been used by people even before commercial hair beauty products were formulated.

A classic example of this is coconut oil which just needs to be massaged all across the scalp prior to bathing. Coconut oil is hardly expensive, although care should be taken when purchasing coconut oil for hair use. The ideal coconut oil to use is the unrefined type as this will easily soak into the hair strands. When applying this onto the hair, it is best to start at the end point since this is the area that is in need of extra conditioning. The scalp usually produces natural oil so this will not really require assistance in the conditioning aspect. The exact oil amount is an issue that will depend greatly on hair texture and thickness. For generally dry hair, more coconut oil is recommended. Oily hair, on the other hand, will require significantly lesser amount.

After the scalp massage, use warm water to wash the hair and wrap this tight with a clean towel. The goal at this stage is to contain the moisture both from the water and the coconut oil. This should be maintained for approximately half an hour.

Upon rinsing, make use of the normal shampoo and conditioner. Wash this off with cold and clean water and allow this to dry the natural way. Rubbing the hair dry with a bath towel should not be considered as this could remove the necessary nutrients and can jeopardize all efforts at creating beautiful and shiny hair.

egg is good for your hairA few other tips for keeping hair shiny can be a bit messy to some people but can be quite effective. The use of eggs, for instance, as a massaging material may not sit well with a number of women. Nevertheless, the consequent results should be worth all the hard and messy work initially put in.

For tips for keeping hair shiny via the egg treatment process, the first step will involve cracking at least two pieces of raw eggs. A few more eggs may have to be considered in the case of generally long hair. Upon cracking the eggs, collect all the yolk or the yellow portion into a bowl and mix this with olive oil. The solution should be prepared in such a way that the yolk gets effectively covered. The white part of the egg, meanwhile, can be set aside for other use. Shampoo the hair the normal way and rinse this using lukewarm water. Massage the hair with the prepared solution afterwards and keep it on for about five minutes.

Rinse the hair a second time using lukewarm water and finish this off with a third rinse but this time, using cold water. Of the many tips for keeping hair shiny, this can take some time but should be given serious consideration as it has been proven to be quite effective. If this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, give the girls at Jagged Hair and Beauty a call on +61 7 3252 5032 to book in for a professional salon shine treatment – no egg!