Top 10 Stylish Ski Jackets for 2015

Most people would probably think that style plays no role in ski jackets. Well, you’d be surprised at how much thought is put in to making these skiing essentials both functional AND stylish. For the year 2015, there are several types of ski jackets which are all the rage. We’ve done our best to cover the latest styles of snow jackets on the market and provide a quick insight into what makes each snow jacket special. For more technical info on each jacket follow the included links, our judgements have tried to include both fashion and function.

3CS ski jacket maroon with chekered inside

3CS ski jacket

In number one we have the 3CS Brunswick Snow Jacket. Now this jacket is spot on when it comes to functionality. The conveniently placed pockets and sleeves make it different from your typical snow jacket. The designer scores points for the checkered print lining. Who else can say that they own such a wickedly themed ski jacket?

Tiffany coloured Snow Jacket

Scott Quorra Snow Jacket

Second place goes to the Scott Quorra Jacket style. Now this jacket is your classic, simple but sturdy snow jacket. These kinds of jackets can get you through whatever weather comes your way. it features GORE-TEX fabric and Thinsulate insulation, making it perfect for the Australian ski season as its really thin but super warm. Comes in a beautiful Tiffany blue colour too ladies!

Helly Hansen Loke Jacket is our third choice. Who can resist adding this jacket to the list with that colourful design? It boasts a Promaloft Silver insulation and H2flow temperature airflow regulator. It was also designed to be waterproof, wind-proof, and water-resistant.

Fourth place goes to the Patagonia Super Cell jacket. This simple but sturdy jacket boasts all the features of a Patagonia jacket minus the hole-in-your-wallet price tag. Comes in 4 base colours including blue, black green and a very fashionable orange. Made with GORE-TEX this bad boy will keep you warm and dry all day long.

bright pink ski jacket

Pure Snow Chamonix jacket

Halfway through the list comes the Pure Snow Chamonix jacket. This jacket has a soft feeling fabric which provides comfort as well as protection. It’s available in pink and purple so if you want to stand out and stay warm, this is the snow jacket for you!

Number six is awarded to the Olympic halfpipe silver medalist jacket. Torrah Bright loves rocking the Roxy Quinn Jacket. It is highly rated for waterproof protection and looks fancy as hell to boot. Featuring some nice faux fur around the collar, this stylish number will have you looking the part as you come down the pipe!

Seventh place goes to the Helly Hansen Squamish CIS jacket. It is made of a two-way stretch fabric which enables it to move freely to the shape and contour of your body.

Second to the last is the Marmot Zermatt Jacket. The color scheme and design is very simple yet the appeal is there. It’s very cool and light to the eyes. It also provides the basic protection that all ski jackets provide with its waterproof MemBrain fabric as its most notable feature.

And finally, we have the Spyder Gem Jacket. The Spyder Gem Jacket is a new addition to the Chris Davenport’s White Spyder collection. Its notable features are it’s shoulder reinforcement, reflector, and 360 degree stretch fabric. But because of the price of this jacket, we had to put it last (nearly $400 more than the #1 pick!)

Aside from these top ten, there are numerous other jackets that any skier can choose from. The fun is in picking which one feels and looks right for you! If you need advice, there is a pretty active community on Google+ that are always happy to help, you can access it here: