What’s Trendy in Bags this Season

An outfit isn’t complete without a handbag or clutch to go with it. Bags can be used to accentuate aspects of your shoes or belt, or level out some of the tones in your dress. They can be slung around your shoulder or casually primed in front of your waist, showing off your pristinely polished nails.

Handbags have, and always will be, an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe. They are one of those items that serve both an aesthetic and practical use. Can you imagine carrying your wallet, mobile phone, lipstick, comb, car keys, face powder, perfume, and other toiletries in your pockets? Definitely not. Bulky pockets are a major fashion faux par.

For the year twenty fifteen, some noticeable trends in designer handbags have already become apparent. We have bucket bags and flower designs making their way back in vogue. However, some handhelds have also been popular, elbowing their way back into the limelight. Sling and saddlebags are also joining the race towards the most popular styles in ladies handbags this season.

a collection of bucket bagsBucket Bags

You can go to any fashion shop and you’ll see their display cases lined with bucket bags of different colors and designs. During the earlier part of the year, big bulky bucket bags were all the rage. The appeal comes from the ease of which they can carry numerous items as well as their light design. This design is perfect for moms, teachers, days at the beach and depending on the design, even for business women.

More recently, smaller bucket bags have been stealing the show. These offer the same style and almost as much as carry space as their larger sibling, but in a much more practical and versatile size.

Floral designs

Perky designs and vibrant colors define one of the dominant trends in bags this year. Flowers have always been used to symbolise women, virility and femininity, so it comes as no surprise why there is such a buzz for bags that come with flower designs this year.

Another pull factor of flower designs comes from the fact that they can easily be paired with almost anything. They can be used with casual wear and outings. They can also be used to add a little fun to a professional look. Remember, downplaying is always okay if you are doing it the right way.

a bright leather boho sling bag

A sling bag from Lokoa


Ah, the classic. A symbol of style and sophistication. Handhelds are usually associated with formal events, but there is a growing market that seeks perky and colorful handhelds. We like the selection of leather clutches and wallets at The Freedom State, but you can also find a wide variety of different styles and designs at many other online designer fashion stores.

Sling and Saddlebags

If you are looking for a more casual look, then sling or saddlebags are the way to go. Simply grab ‘em, sling ‘em and go! Leather bags with donning vibrant colours seem to be all the rage this season, take a look at the wonderful collection of boho bags at Lokoa, which we all adore! These bright bags can be used for both casual wear as well as semi-formal to formal events, either way you can be sure they’ll be a taking point.

If you’re looking for something a little less bohemian and wild, take a look at the latest releases from your favourite handbag and accessories stores for some 2015 fashion inspiration. Whatever your style might be, there’s a bag out there that is perfect for you, find the right style, mix it with the right outfit and make this your year to shine!